Prince William, Kate Relaxed, Royal in Official Portraits (photos) 1Prince William and new wife Katherine Middleton look resplendently regal in official wedding portraits released today (Apr. 30) by Clarence House. Fittingly, the future king and bride were photographed in the throne room at Buckingham Palace.

Photographer Hugo Burnand, accompanied by his mother, Ursy Burnand, 71, also a photographer, shot the officials photos.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, family members, including the queen, and members of the wedding party gathered in the palace right after the wedding.

The newlyweds are pictured arm-in-arm against a red velvet backdrop trimmed in gold.

They also posed for a more informal photograph with the two young pageboys and bride’s maids from wedding party.

Check out Will and Kate’s photos; click to enlarge.

Prince William, Kate Relaxed, Royal in Official Portraits (photos) 2Prince William, Kate Relaxed, Royal in Official Portraits (photos) 3Prince William, Kate Relaxed, Royal in Official Portraits (photos) 4

They included Margarita Armstrong-Jones, Eliza Lopes, Grace van Cutsem, Louise Windsor, Tom Pettifer and William Lowther-Pinkerton.

The photos, which will are already historic, capture for posterity a special moment in time for the Duke and Duchess.

They will speak to this era in the British monarchy, like so many other unions going back hundreds of years.

Burnand said he hoped his photos look “effortless, relaxed and friendly,” according to London’s Daily Mail.

The newlyweds with bridesmaids and page boys is his favorite, he said.

“It was a picture we all wanted to take but we didn’t know if we were ever going to have the time to do it,” he later explained.

“When you look at those individual children in that picture you are seeing those children and their characters.

‘That’s the same with the bride and groom in the middle of the picture as well. That’s really them. There’s no time for direction, we’ve done all that,” he added.

In the family photograph Kate stands with father Michael Middleton to her left; mother Carole Middleton, brother James Middleton and sister Philipa Middleton.

With William are brother Prince Harry, father Prince Charles with Camilla and Pettifer.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh sit with the bridesmaids.

“I hope when you look at the picture you feel, as a viewer, that you’re engaged with the people in the picture. The only way to do that is to be engaged as a photographer,” Burnand said.

The royal couple spent their wedding night at the palace and left today for a mystery destination, according to reports.