Britney Spears Tries to Show She Can Still Dance (watch!) 1Britney Spears released a new video that shows her vigorously rehearsing dance routines for her upcoming Femme Fatale Tour, in a move apparently designed to counter criticism about her performance in a video for her song “Til the World Ends.”

Spears looked sluggish and out of shape and the World’s End video contained very little dancing.

To make matters worse, Britney used a body-double wearing the same outfit and a blonde wig for an energetic dance routine. The double was later identified as Tiana Brown, a choreographer’s assistant.

Before that, there were allegations a body double was used in her video for song “Hold It Against Me.” But the 29-year-old pop star vigorously denied it.

The body double, however, is unmistakable in the “Til the World Ends.” video. A re-edited, follow-up video was quickly released that included more scenes of Spears’ dancing.

The Femme Fatale tour is Britney’s first after a two-year layoff. “The Circus Starring Britney Spears,” her last tour, ended in 2009 and was highly successful.

Indeed, Spears was an explosive dancer early in her career and was often compared to Michael Jackson.

But the “Gimme More” singer has been thorough a lot since then, including a failed marriage, two children and a nervous breakdown that led to reports she is bi-polar.

Still, she is only 29, well within her peak years for physical fitness.

The latest video shows Britney going through a dance routine for her song “How I Roll.”

She jumps in a dancer’s arms and ends up on a raised platform and throws down some moves.

While she still has a way to go, she looked much better than her previous two videos.

The tour starts in Sacramento, Calif., June 16, which still plenty of time for her to improve her physical condition and her dancing.

Whether she still has the fire and determination to raise her game remains to be seen.

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Click the video to go.

Britney Spears Tries to Show She Can Still Dance (watch!) 2