Madonna’s ex-husband Guy Ritchie reported agreed to undergo a painful operation to slice off his penis foreskin to please the Material Girl and comply with her Jewish mystical Kabbalah religion.

Karen Berg, a spiritual adviser to Madonna, confirmed that Ritchie underwent the operation, usually performed in infancy, to please his then-wife, according to New York magazine.

Madonna “keeps a kosher home, she observes Shabbat, she circumcised her son and had her [ex-] husband circumcised,” Berg said.

Circumcision is required ritual for newborns in the Jewish religion. It’s performed in a ceremony known as a Brit Milah on eight-day old male infants by a mohel.

The circumcision was ordered by God of Abraham as a covenant between the two, according to the Old Testament.

Madonna was raised Roman Catholic but embraced Kabbalah while pregnant with her daughter Lourdes, according to a 2009 article in Yediot Ahronot, Israel’s largest daily newspaper.

“I heard what he had to say and I knew at this moment my life would never be the same,” she wrote in the 2009 article, which the paper published both in Hebrew and in the original – and apparently unedited – English.

“Life no longer seemed like a series of Random events,” she wrote. “I also began to see that being Rich and Famous wasn’t going to bring me lasting fulfillment and that it was not the end of the journey.”

Madonna has often been reported to take the religion to its extreme. She raised eyebrows when she would only use Kabbalah holy water in her house and swimming pool.

Ritchie and Madonna were married in 2000 and split in 2008. Since then, Madonna has dated men in their twenties. No word on whether they are circumsised.

A spokesperson for Ritchie’s penis was unavailable for comment.

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