Prince William, Kate Middleton in First Royal Scandal (photos) 1Prince William and bride Kate Middleton are already dealing with their first royal family scandal and they haven’t even gone on their honeymoon yet. Seems Kate’s brother considers himself a queen, too.

Photos of James Middleton, who gave a moving speech at the wedding ceremony, have surfaced showing him naked, cross-dressing and in provocative homo-erotic photos.

He’s long been considered the Middleton’s “wild child” so the shock level should be somewhat subdued in the UK.

But among the royals, well, it’s just not considered, ahem, proper.

You may recall the scandal when Prince Harry dressed as a Nazi officer, complete with swastika armband, for a costume party. All hell broke loose.

Although the photos were taken long before the royal union, the fact that they surfaced now is undoubtedly tied to his prominent role at the wedding and Kate’s new role as future queen.

One photo show him nude, reclining in a leather arm chair. Another shows him horsing around with friends.

One of his friends is performing simulated fellatio on a fellow lad, who is nude and holding a rather long, thick sausage at crotch level, while James is dressed in a sexy French maid’s uniform.

In 2008, photos of James in one of sister Kate’s polka dot dresses surfaced, but was explained away as James goofing around at a costume party, according to E! News.

While the photos were probably considered just good fun by cheeky English lads, by royal standards they are sure to upset the real queen in the family, Queen Elizabeth.