Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon Take Australia (6 Videos!) 1Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon took Australia by storm for the “Water For Eelephants” premiere down under and looked relaxed and at ease with each other through a series of interviews.

The duo are in Sydney for the premiere of the film tonight (May 6).

Their photo ops included an encounter with another elephant that made Rob decidedly nervous.

Although he was comfortable working around Tai, the elephant used to film the picture, another elephant was paraded out for a photo op that Rob was unfamiliar with.

Rob later said in an interview he was “scared to death” of the elephant and was reluctant to feed it, when Reese handed him some biscuits for the huge beast.

That wasn’t the case with Tai, however.

“[Director] Francis Lawrence said he wanted to have a meeting and he took me out to the elephant sanctuary where Tai lives and I saw her doing a handstand and stayed there for about four hours playing catch with her,” Rob explained.

‘I would literally throw a ball and she would catch it in her trunk and throw it back to me, and I was like, ‘OK, even if this movie is the worst movie ever made, I get to work with this elephant for three or four months. I’m definitely doing it.'”

Reese, who plays Marlena, an animal trainer who is married to the circus’s nasty boss, played by Christoph Waltz, did most of her own stunts with the animals in the movie.

“I got to train with Tai, the elephant for three months. I went to circus school to learn how to do trapeze and acrobatics. It was a unique experience but it was also daunting and scary,” she said.

During an interview on Australian show “7pm Project,” Rob was asked for the umpteenth time about a “special relationship” he had on the set.

The reference was obviously to Tai, but Rob said just once he wished it could be someone else, like one of the clowns.

Kidding aside, Pattinson said he “genuinely thought we had a real bond, a little something going on” with the elephant.

What would Kristen say?

Check out Rob and Reese in the videos below. Click to go.

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