Jennifer Aniston Topless (Briefly) in Horrible Bosses (watch!) 1Jennifer Aniston, who has flirted with on-screen nudity in the past, is at it once again in the trailer for her new movie “Horrible Bosses.” Jen plays an over-sexed, sadistic orthodontist, who tortures her assistant with sexual overtures.

Aniston has played the good girl in most of her films, especially her romantic comedies.

But this time, she plays one of three bad bosses, who make the lives of their employees hell.

Jen seductively eats hotdogs, Popsicles and bananas while wearing a sexy, black bra, black panties, a garter belt and black stockings.

Kevin Spacey and Colin Farrell also play sociopathic bosses (we’ve all had one right?), who violate every rule in the employee manual, not to mention federal law.

Co-stars Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day play dutiful employees who are dragged into the immoral and illegal acts of their employers.

Aniston looks hilarious in her role.

The trailer sets up the premise of the film. The Seth Gordon-directed film, which also stars Jamie Foxx, follows a trio of long-suffering friends who team up to murder their overbearing bosses with disastrous results.

Foxx plays a “murder consultant” known as Motherfucker Jones.

The comedy hits theaters July 8th.