Miley Cyrus Teases, Again, Near Topless in Tattoo Photo (see) 1Miley Cyrus knows how to hold her fans’ attention. She’s tweeted yet another racy photo, showing her topless, covered only by clutching a shirt against her breasts. It’s her sexiest photo yet. Is she close to baring it all?

Cyrus who is currently touring South America, the Philippines and Australia on her Gypsy Heart Tour, clearly enjoys her budding sexuality, and seems to get off teasing her fans with seductive photos.

She’s now 18 and trying to establish herself as a major recording artist against formidable competition that includes such raunchy acts as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera and a resurgent Britney Spears.
Miley Cyrus Teases, Again, Near Topless in Tattoo Photo (see) 2
Can you blame her? Compared to Taylor Momsen, she’s still tame, although as Miley likes to point out… she can’t be tamed.

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The photo was apparently taken last year, while Miley was getting her fifth tattoo. It’s a Native American dream catcher image that covers most of her rib cage under her right arm.

Miley has raised eyebrows on her tour by wearing racy leather hot pants, thigh-high boots and barely there tee-shirts that some critics have dubbed similar to Rihanna’s S&M gear.

But at this point, is it fair to keep comparing Miley to her squeaky clean Disney Image?

She needs to move beyond her child-star persona, or be forever bound by it, like Hillary Duff.

Memba’ her?

If Miley hopes to have an adult singing career, she needs to step up her game and stake out her turf as a feral female.

It may be a race to the bottom, but it’s still a race, one Miley can’t afford to lose.