Katy Perry may be a sweetheart in her music videos, but she’s a super diva on the road, who is so imperious she even scalps her own fans to make extra money, according to a newly revealed rider from her tour contract.

Massive rock and roll egos expressed through extensive tour riders are nothing new in the music industry, although Perry’s seems particularly ambitious.

But the shocking part of her rider is a request to promoters to hold back tickets for concerts so that Perry and her close staffers can shuffle them off to “resellers,” read scalpers, for “distribution to the public” on the “secondary market.”

In other words, Perry reserves the right to pocket some of the proceeds from the sale of tickets–not made available at face price to her fans–scalped at inflated prices by these brokers, according to TheSmokingGun, which obtained the 45-page rider.

Ticket scalping by professional brokers has long been a bone of contention in the music industry.

Top artists like Bono of U-2 have battled scalpers who try to take advantage of their fans, so Perry’s involvement in the practice — as long as she’s profiting personally — is nothing short of disgusting.

Miley Cyrus cried out against the practice when she learned back in 2007 that some of her concert tickets were being resold for $2,500. She was only 14 at the time and urged fans not to buy them on Ellen DeGeneres.

Incidentally, Miley’s own tour rider for her South American Gypsy Heart tour, is modest by comparison.

Miley asked for 102 red roses scented with vanilla for her hotel room in Quito, Ecuador, according to her contract rider, details of which were published in local newspapers.

Cyrus also demanded only white towels in her bathroom, a refrigerator stocked with broccoli, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes and fruit. And, she also ordered beer, but no other alcohol.

The shocking scalping provision in Perry’s tour rider is just one of dozens of demands, from the outrageous to the picayune.

Check out the full rider at TheSmokingGun.