Justing Bieber Macks Selena Gomez at Billboard Awards (watch!) 1Justin Bieber kissed Selena Gomez after winning best new artist honors at the Billboard Music Awards while millions of viewers looked on, undoubtedly in awe, as months of rumors were seemingly confirmed before their eyes. But was it real, or a put on?

The two have been so coy about their relationship it’s hard to tell if they really are a serious item.

One minute Gomez says she likes the Bieb like a little brother and the next they are spotted in each other’s arms aboard a yacht on an exotic getaway.

Bieber is a typical, totally hormonal teen, except he has a bank account the size of a Wall Street money manager and a growing sense of entitlement.

About the only thing Selena has to fend him off is her squeaky clean image and her purity ring, signifying she’ll remain a virgin until she marries.

But a purity ring didn’t stand in the way of Joe Jonas shacking up with Twilight hottie Ashley Greene, as long as that lasted. And Selena is now 18 and legal.

Bieber kind of sorta let the cat out of the bag, again, at a recent Ernie Halter concert in Costa Mesa, California.

Bieber jumped on stage for a duet with Halter and gave a big shout out to the crowd — and Selena.

“Give it up for Ernie Halter, everybody. And my beautiful girlfriend over there!” he said.

The Billboard kiss may be tell-tale because the two move together effortlessly and without hesitation until their lips touched, as if they had kissed many times before.

He also followed up with a pretty warm embrace.

On the other hand, it was such a sweet little peck, it could have been nothing more than a little Puppy Love.

Selena still seems way more mature than Justin, even with his new haircut.

Check out on the video below: