Lady Gaga Chews a Wad on David Letterman (watch!) 1Lady Gaga wears meat but chows down on paper? Where does the innovation end? On David Letterman last night, Gaga tore up Dave’s cue card, popped it in her mouth and began chewing away. WTF? Here’s what happened.

Gaga was on the show to promote her new album Born this Way, and Dave was puzzled by her outfit.

What are you wearing? What aren’t your wearing?” he asked. I mean it’s great; don’t get me wrong.”

“I only liked the jacket,” Gaga replied. “So I decided that’s all I would wear.”

But that doesn’t mean Gaga didn’t accessorize. She also wore a black scarf in her hair, a black Zorro mask and knee-high studded black boots.

“You and I are very different in that regard,” said Dave. “I’ve never thought, ‘I’m just going to wear my underpants.”

After some more mindless banter, Dave got down to business and asked about the “egg,” or as Gaga called it “the vessel.”

Dave was in the process of a reality check on Lady Gaga rumors

He totally refused to believe she bit off a Barbie head during a concert. Gaga got fed up with his questions, ripped his notes, shoved the paper in her mouth and started chewing.

David was caught completely by surprise. “What did you just do?” he said.

Check out the video. The incident is begins about four minutes into the 4:48 second clip.