Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner Spoof MTV Awards (Video) 1“Twilight” hottie Kristen Stewart and co-star Taylor Lautner meet MTV Movie Awards host Jason Sudeikis in the most unusual places. And both come away with the same impression; he’s really twisted.

Sudeikis pops in on Stewart at the beauty salon just as the long, dark tressed actress is sitting down for a cut.

“The Saturday Night Live” comedian surprises, or is that shock’s, Lautner when he gets into a yellow cab in New York City and Sudeikis says hello from the driver’s seat.

In both cases, he’s got a slightly crazed look in his eye. Taylor decides to catch another ride, after Sudeikis tells him he’s a really bad driver.

But the funny man pops the lock, trapping him in the back seat before he can get out.

Kristen is a little less unnerved when Jason just happens mention that he’s pretty handy with a pair of scissors, which he just happens to have in his hand.

When he asks to do the honors, Kristen tells him to go for it. That’s when things get weird.

Kristen and Taylor have done promos in the past, and these to are pretty hilarious. They’re part of Sneak Peek Week at the cable channel.

Seudeikis has already done similar spoofs with Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Stone and Leighton Meester, all of whom are movie award nominees.

The awards show will air June 5 from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, Calif.

Fans can vote for the nominees at, up through June 4.

Voting for Best Movie, however, will stay open throughout the show, so last-minute votes count.

Check out the video spoofs below.