Lady Gaga Soars in Grand GMA Concert Kick Off (watch!) 1

Lady Gaga makes a high flying entrance on ABC’s Good Morning America summer concert series. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Lady Gaga put the Broadway show Spiderman to shame by executing a picture perfect landing from a zip line onto her Central Park stage to kick off “Good Morning America’s” 2011 Summer Concert series. Already hard to top, she out did herself this time.

The Broadway show actors also use suspension devices and zip lines to perform Spiderman-like feats over the audience. But it’s been plagued by accidents.

Hugh Jackman tried a similar stunt when Oprah taped her show in Sydney, Australia, with disastrous results.

He suffered a black eye and cut after sliding down a zip line from the top of the Sydney Opera House, only he crash landed on the stage. “I’ve hurt my eye – it’s not bad. I’m really sorry about this,” he said afterward.

The audience clearly seemed to be taken by surprise by Gaga’s big entrance. They spotted her wearing a harness, bright red hair and sky-high black heels high overhead while the band played “Bad Romance” on stage.

She flew, seemingly out of the trees onto the concert stage.

She joined her dancers on stage with her song “Bad Romance” already in progress.

“I love my fans so much. Thank you for coming out today,” Gaga shouted out to her little monsters.

“Ok so I didn’t sleep. Too excited to see monsters. Let’s hit it Good Morning America. We were #BornThisGma.” she Tweeted earlier.

“I live halfway between reality and theatrics at all times,” Gaga told GMA host Robyn Roberts.

“And I was born this way,” she quickly added, plugging her new album “Born This Way.”

Released May 23, it has sold nearly 800,000 copies to date and zoomed to the top of the charts.

“I love my fans,” Gaga said. “They’re my family, for sure. It’s an absolute dream to play here in Central Park. And just to see this many people here to listen to my music makes me feel so blessed.”

Gaga gave a mini-concert, singing “Bad Romance,” “Born This Way,” “Hair,” “Judas, and “Edge of Glory.”

“Hair” was her finale.

Earlier this year, Gaga hit 10 million followers on Twitter, an occasion she marked with another tweet to her fans, this one a thank you: “10MillionMonsters! I’m speechless, we did it! Its an illness how I love you….”

She wrapped up her sold-out “Monster Ball” tour May 6, in Mexico City, and just days later was named to the Forbes’ 100 Celebrity List of the world’s most powerful celebs, taking the number-one spot from Oprah Winfrey, according to ABC.

Gaga rose to prominence just three years ago with the 2008 release of her debut studio album, The Fame.