Gwyneth Paltrow had problems feeling part of the 21st Century, but now she does! She’s joined Twitter and Facebook, and posted her first Tweet today. Appropriately enough, it’s a short video.

Paltrow, 38, was definitely more rooted in the 20th Century. After all, she scored her Oscar win waay back in 1998 for best actress in “Shakespeare in Love,” a fictional account of the Bard’s personal life.

Since then, she’s been a fixture on the Hollywood A-List, although until recently she’s been a bit off the radar. She was busy having two kids and starring in a bunch of nondescript movies.

But more recently, Paltrow has been resurgent. She kick-started her career again by appearing in the “Iron Man” movies with Robert Downey Jr.

Although her role as Tony Stark assistant Pepper Potts, was small, it showcased her enormous talent.

She proved she could sing and act with a star-turn in country music movie, “Country Song,” and became just about the rockingest MLIF ever after two guest appearances on Fox’s hit show “Glee.”

Paltrow will next star in the Steven Soderbergh thriller, “Contagion,” as part of an ensemble cast that includes Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, Matt Damon and Jude Law.

She also has a popular web site on diet and nutrition.

But if she now feels validated with a Twitter and Facebook account, so be it.

Check out her inaugural Tweet below: