Jennifer Aniston Goes Gross Out Sex in Horrible Bosses (trailer) 1Jennifer Aniston is teaming up with an all-star cast and going slightly off formula from her normal rom-com characters to play a sexually charged dentist in the new movie “Horrible Bosses.”

Instead of playing the cute, soul-searching gal hoping to find true love, she’s crude, rude and sexually aggressive as one of three horrible bosses in the film.

She’s joined by Kevin Spacey and Colin Farrell, who play equally sociopathic tormentors.

Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis are employees, who must put up with the insults, inappropriate remarks and double dealing.

Something’s got to give, and murder seems to be the only solution for the beleaguered workers.

They turn to a hustling ex-con for guidance, played by Jaime Foxx, who could steal the picture.

It’s a darker-than-usual comedy for Aniston, in which she, for once, plays the bad girl. It’s seems like a natural progression for someone who has played every imaginable good girl role.

She’s rumored to have filmed a topless scene, but for someone who has never appeared naked in a film it would seem to be a waste to finally do one that won’t have much meaning.

Don’t hold your breath waiting to see it. But check out the new trailer below.