John Edwards sudden and spectacular fall has come full circle following his indictment for illegally using political funds to cover up his scandalous affair and out of wedlock child with former aide Rielle Hunter during his 2008 presidential run.

A federal grand jury charged the former North Carolina lawmaker with six counts, including making false statements and illegal use of campaign contributions. He’s expected to appear for arraignment today.

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is reportedly facing a similar investigation into whether he used public funds to carry on secret affairs while in office.

Edwards, 57, allegedly paid Hunter and campaign aide Andrew Young to help keep the affair secret.

Young even went so far as to claim he fathered the child, a girl named Quinn.

Edwards later admitted he was the father.

While its problematic whether Edwards will face jail time on the charges, his once promising political career is ruined forever.

Like a southern gothic novel, Edwards’ ailing wife Elizabeth, stricken with cancer, stood by her husband for three years after the allegations became public.

She finally left him in Jan. 2010, when the full extent of his affair became known. The stress may have played a role in her death. She died last December, after a six-year battle with the disease.