Oksana Grigorieva Out to Oust Mel Gibson Lawyers 1Oksana Grigorieva is playing every angle in her bitter custody fight with her ex-Mel Gibson. Even the actor’s lawyers aren’t immune to her legal challenges, although in this case she may have a point.

Grigorieva has asked a California judge to disqualify Gibson’s lawyers in her custody case citing a potential conflict of interest.

Gibson and the Russian pianist and singer have daughter Lucia, who is 20 months old, and have been fighting over custody rights since Me’ls infamous meltdown and bitter, misogynistic rants.

Here’s the problem is with lawyer Ronald Anteau, who works for the Firm, Kolodny and Anteau, also advised Oksana during a custody fight in 2008 over her son, Alexander, whom she had with Timothy Dalton.

She now argues that Anteau may be privy to confidential attorney-client conversations and information that is relevant to her fight with Gibson over.

“The matters discussed with Mr. Anteau concerned the same subject matter that has been inquired into in the present case by Stephen Kolodny [Mel’s lawyer] both in open court and at deposition,” her petition said.

Last moth Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon ruled Oksana had waited too long to bring raise the issue.

But she is asking the appeal court to force the judge to review Anteau’s notes of his meeting with her and reconsider the ruling or disqualify the firm outright.

Earlier this year, Gibson cut a deal and pleaded no contest to simple battery in a domestic violence dispute with Oksana to avoid spending time in jail.

He recently appeared in the movie The Beaver with Jodie Foster about a severely depressed toy-company executive who starts using a beaver hand-puppet to communicate with the world.

The comedy drama flopped at the box office.