Has J.J. Adams Revealed Secret to Super 8? (Watch!) 1Director JJ Abrams and producer Steven Spielberg have leaked online a film clip that appears to reveal the “highly secret” creature in their new movie “Super 8.”

The move comes one day after studio Paramount said it wouldn’t tip its hand on any details. But that was apparently before the movie’s release was bumped up from Friday to Today (June 9).

The clip is film like a 1950s black and white industrial film, and part of the footage will appear in the movie, according to deadline.com.

The move may also be part of a marketing effort to boost the opening box office. The film has gotten a surprising amount of buzz and features a young cast of Hollywood up-and-comers led by Elle Fanning, the younger sister of Dakota Fanning.

The monster ravages a small Ohio town after a train carrying top secret military payload derails and releases the creature.

Fanning and newcomer Joel Courtney investigate along with the town’s sheriff played by Kyle Chandler.

As it turns out, a group of 1970s junior high school friends decides to turn their fascination for horror flicks into their own zombie picture using a Super 8 camera.

The just happen to be filming in the train yard when the military train comes rushing by and crashes, spilling its deadly secret.

They capture something mysterious on film and try to make a connection between the crash and the town’s ultimate destruction.

Check out the clip below.