Has Pippa Middleton Kicked Cricket Boyfriend to Curb? 1Royal sister Pippa Middleton’s relationship with English cricket player Alex Loudon looks like it may have split the wickets. The two haven’t been seen together in weeks.

The ravishing sister of Kate Middleton, now known as Duchess Catherine, has become one of the most eligible women in the world since she served as maid of honor at Prince William and Kate’s wedding.

Over the weekend, Pippa, real name Philippa, attended the wedding of close friend Sam Waley-Cohen

She did not take a date and went with her sister the Duchess instead.

She and her friends have become closely watched, and Pippa has become known for her beauty, poise and attractive figure.

Fans of Pippa’s derrière even created a Facebook page in its honor, and Pippa earned the title “Her Royal Hotness.”

She has also been seen with a string of male friends since, but none were closer to her than Alex.

But that appears to have changed.

“It is common knowledge in their close circle of friends that Pippa and Alex have recently split up,” one of her friends told the London Sunday Times.

The party planner has since been spotted on vacation in Spain with her ex-boyfriend and close friend, George Percy.

He is a royal in his own right, the son of the Duke of Northumberland, one of the richest men in Britain.

Since Kate is now a royal, Pippa may have her heart set on her own royal title.

They also dated while at Edinburgh University, where they shared an apartment, according to London’s Daily Mail.

They have been friends for going on a decade.

Loudon is no slouch. He was educated at elite Eton and played on the international cricket circuit until retiring in 2007.

The cricketer was Pippa’s guest to Kate’s wedding, but he was nowhere to be found when she was spotted out with friends, recently.

And, when Pippa surfaced at the French Open Tennis Tournament in Paris, Percy was at her side. They were also spotted having dinner in London.

Pippa has also been hired by Percy’s geothermal energy firm, which probably has Loudon boiling.