Selena Gomez Mystery Illness Tied to Blood Pressure 1Disney singer Selena Gomez, who was rushed to the hospital last week and has been undergoing tests, could be suffering from an illness related to blood pressure.

The 18-year-old star complained of nausea and a severe headache last Thursday (June 9) after taping an interview with Jay Leno for the Tonight Show.

High or low blood pressure is known as a silent killer because there are no symptoms, so how blood pressure figures into Gomez’s illness is unknown.

Extremely low blood pressure can lead to faintness, while high blood pressure can cause strokes, or mini strokes that manifest as a headache.

Gossip web site TMZ, however, cited an “informed source” saying that Gomez had undergone tests for blood pressure problems.

Boyfriend Justin was quick to tweet his support for Selena after her hospital visit, writing on twitter on Friday (June 10): “getwellselena”

The teen star recently won the support of Justin’s Canadian parents after he took her to visit them in the hometown of Stratford, Ontario.

“Justin and Selena had lunch with Justin’s cousins and his aunt and uncle. They were really sweet and make an adorable couple,” a source said.

“They looked happy and in love. They acted just like everyday people, very down-to-earth. Justin is part of the community, he’s one of us and is as friendly as can be.”