Dakota Fanning Pushes Limits in 'Lolita' Photo Shoot for Marc Jacobs 1

Dakota Fanning throws a come hither look in a new Marc Jacobs campaign.

Dakota Fanning is pushing the limits in a new ad for designer Marc Jacobs. It shows the 17-year-old in a provocative pose, playing off the scandalous 1950s novel “Lolita.”

The book by Vladimir Nabokov is about an older man’s affair with an underage teen that starts when she is 12-years-old.

Dakota Fanning Over the Top
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Dakota Fanning Pushes Limits in 'Lolita' Photo Shoot for Marc Jacobs 2
Dakota Fanning Pushes Limits in 'Lolita' Photo Shoot for Marc Jacobs 3Dakota Fanning Pushes Limits in 'Lolita' Photo Shoot for Marc Jacobs 4Dakota Fanning Pushes Limits in 'Lolita' Photo Shoot for Marc Jacobs 5

Fanning is still considered a minor in most states, raising legal questions about whether the photo could be construed as child pornography.

The actress is certainly posed in a sexually charged way. She holds a flask of Jacobs’ perfume brand, Oh, Lola!, between her legs like a phallus, tilted ever so slightly toward her vagina.

The sexualization of underage girls is widespread in the fashion and movie industries — and controversial.

“True Grit” actress Hailee Steinfeld signed to play Juliet in an update of the Shakespeare classic, and would have been required to do a nude scene even though she is only 14.

After an uproar, the director said the scene would be dropped from the script.

Other teen celebrities from Kendal Jenner, sister of Kim Kardashian, to Ali Lohan, the younger sister of Lindsay Lohan, have been photographed in sexualized poses.

Miley Cyrus, of course, caused an uproar when she posed semi-naked for Vanity Fair magazine when she was 15.

Dakota’s sister Elle, who is 13, recently posed for a spread in Black Book magazine and was dressed and wore makeup. One photo showed her spreading her legs suggestively.

In Fanning’s case, photographer Juergen Teller shot her wearing a girlish, pink scalloped polka dot dress.

The background, is similarly child-like. It’s a pastel pink compounding the little-girl innocence of the composition.

But fanning holds the large perfume bottle between her legs and leans back in a seductive pose with a come hither look on her face.

Jacobs says the theme of the ad is purposely designed to capture Nabokov’s 1955 novel.

“When we were speaking about who to use in the ads, I had recently seen “The Runaways,” he told WWD magazine, referring to Fanning’s movie about Joan Jett’s early ’70s band.

“I knew she could be this contemporary Lolita, seductive yet sweet,” he added.

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