LeAnn Rimes Half Right: A Tape, Yes, But No Sex (photos) 5Country singer LeAnn Rimes is at least half right. Images from a video have gone viral showing her in scanty dress with ex-husband Dean Sheremet. But so far, no sex scenes.

How the images turned up on the Internet and who’s behind the leak is somewhat of a mystery.

The obvious suspect is Sheremet, who was married to Rimes for eight years until he was cuckolded by actor Eddie Cibrian.

But other reports claim the still come from a memory card that was found inside a digital camera in a rented truck. Hmmm!

The screen grabs from the video first appeared on a college sports message board called Tiger Droppings.

Check out LeAnn’s photos; click to enlarge.

LeAnn Rimes Half Right: A Tape, Yes, But No Sex (photos) 6LeAnn Rimes Half Right: A Tape, Yes, But No Sex (photos) 7LeAnn Rimes Half Right: A Tape, Yes, But No Sex (photos) 8

A user named “OneMoreVol” told other posters that he found “the memory stick to a digital camera” in a rented Ryder truck, and it contained “about ten, 15-20 sec videos” of LeAnn Rimes in a thong, according to Gawker.

How is it possible that so many celebrities are so careless with intimate photos?

Reports of a sex tape first surfaced last week, but Rimes has been quick to deny one exists.

“I hear there are rumors of a ‘sex tape,’ she wrote on Twitter. “I have never filmed myself having sex on tape, period. Haven’t joined that club lol,” she wrote.

In the stills, LeAnn is changing clothes and laughing while Shermet babbles to her in “baby talk.”

The video appear to have been shot around 2000. Rimes mentions a court case, which she apparently is getting dressed to attend.

At the time the singer’s marriage broke up, there were rampant rumors that Sheremet was gay.

LeAnn married Cibrian last month in a beach-side ceremony.