Robert Pattinson, Water for Elephants DVD Available! (video) 1Robert Pattinson’s movie, “Water For Elephants” with Reese Witherspoon stumbled out of the gate, but has racked up $113 million in ticket sales since its release April 22, making it a respectable outing for the Twilight actor. Next up DVD sales.

The DVD version of the movie is near its release. is already accepting pre-orders for the movie.

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The DVD will retail for $29.98, but if you pre-order it through TheImproper, you can buy it for $20.99 that’s a saving of $8.99, or 30%. Just click on the link at left and it will take you to the DVD’s page on the site.

On the DVD cover, Rob apparently can’t keep his hands off Reese’s ass and Tai the elephant can’t keep her trunk off his.

Although the majority of top critics in the United States panned the movie, it’s domestic take of $57.2 million as of June 20 actually exceeded its international sales of $56.4 million.

The film did a respectable $17.5 million gross during its opening weekend, which was slightly more than expected, especially since the “beautifully filmed but searing drama was considered a hard sell,” according to Deadline Hollywood.

Romantic dramas tend to have a difficult time finding footing at the box office, especially when they are period pieces, according to Hollywood Stock Exchange, which handicaps films.

Although Rob has had spotty success anchoring a film outside of the Twilight vampire saga, it’s fair to consider “Water for Elephants,” a success and even a box office hit.

It’s also a welcome success for Witherspoon, who has been fading as a box office draw. Her last film, “How Do You Know” was a disastrous flop.

The Francis Lawrence-directed movie also stars Christolph Waltz.

Critics were pretty evenly split among picks and pans, but among critics at major outlets, the overall reviews were largely negative, according to Rotten Tomatoes, a Web site that tracks reviews.

“Usually, you have to wait for the end-of-the-year awards season to see an elaborate period piece that fails as spectacularly as “Water for Elephants,” writes Lou Lumenick for The New York Post.

Peter Travers in influential Rolling Stone magazine says the picture misses the grit and pungent detail of Sara Gruen’s best selling novel and settles for “gloss.”

New York Times critic Stephen Holden also weighs in on the movie’s flaws. He writes that the movie “short-circuits the novel’s quirky charms and period atmosphere by its squeamish attitude toward gritty circus life.”

Those reviews were countered by upbeat nods from Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times and Michael O’Sullivan of the Washington Post.

“There is quite a bit to enjoy in a film that certainly qualifies as broad-based popular entertainment,” Turan writes.

But even more importantly, the movie got a thumbs up from theatergoers. An overwhelming 93 percent said they liked it after seeing it, according to a survey by Rotten Tomatoes.

No details have been released yet on DVD features, deleted scenes or other additions. But don’t wait for the film to be released. It’s already ranked No. 47 on Amazon’s best sellers list and the release date hasn’t even been announced yet.

The Blu-Ray version, incidentally, will sell for $27.99. Check out a trailer from the movie below.