Emma Watson Talks Potter, Her Addiction, Stunning Photos 1Emma Watson proves that a higher education can still pay. She graces the pages of University magazine in a stunning photo shoot that puts her in the ranks of classic film stars like Audrey Hepburn.

She should have no problems leaving Hermoine Granger behind.

Photographer Mariano Vivanco was behind the lens for the shoot, which took place two months ago. The magazine is published in Dubai of all places.

In an interview, she sheds a little more light on her decision to chop off her trademark locks, provides some insights on the Potter films for fans, and discusses her “addiction.” Oh, Emma is it sex?

Check out Emma’s photos; click to enlarge.

Emma Watson Talks Potter, Her Addiction, Stunning Photos 2Emma Watson Talks Potter, Her Addiction, Stunning Photos 3Emma Watson Talks Potter, Her Addiction, Stunning Photos 4Emma Watson Talks Potter, Her Addiction, Stunning Photos 5

“With short hair you’ve got to be a bit bolder, there’s nothing to hide behind. So it’s made me be bolder in my fashion choices,” she says.

“It’s actually made me more confident as a person I think. I’m not sure why that is. But it has.”

As for Hermione, her passing is sad the actress says. “She feels like an old friend of mine. “It’s very freeing on the one hand and very sad on the other. It’s both, bittersweet.”

And she also revealed one of the most touching moments to her in the Harry Potter saga.

“The moment that really got me was Dobby’s death. I was really weepy for that. I should have read it then going through it thinking ‘I’m gonna have to do this’ but I didn’t.

“I just read it from a fan’s perspective. I really didn’t read it looking at it technically. I just read it as a fan. I just wanted to know what the ending was. I loved those books as well,” she says.

And about that dancing scene that’s not in the book.

“I think that it’s important cause the film is so intense,” she says.

“From the opening scene, it’s intense and all the way through until the end. So without that scene there wouldn’t be much reprieve.

“It’s a nice break. But it’s also nice to see Harry tender and caring towards Hermione, just showing how nice a boy-girl friendship can be,” she explains.

Despite her abrupt departure from Brown University, for reasons still not entirely clear, Emma says education is still her top priority.

She plans to return to Cambridge in the fall.

“I just love learning. I’m like addicted to learning. I just want to know as much as I possibly can. It’s never enough for me. And I’ll never stop. I just really love knowledge. Addicted!”

Joining Vivanco on the shoot were Producer Jo Matthews, Prop Stylist Trish Stephenson, Wardrobe Stylist Caroline Seiber, Hair stylist Neil Moodie, make up artist, Mira Husseini and, yes, manicurist Mike Pocock.