Justin Bieber Attacked at Macy's New York Event (video) 1Teen sensation Justin Bieber was knocked to the ground in a brief scuffle as he was greeting fans outside Macy’s iconic flagship store in Manhattan’s Herald Square.

The singer suffered minor scrapes in the bizarre confrontation but was definitely shaken by what now appears to be a mix up between police on the scene and Bieber’s security team.

The “Baby” singer was at Macy’s to launch his new fragrance, “Someday” and earlier had appeared on NBC’s “Today Show” and ABC’s “The View.”

He decided to go outside on Broadway between 34th and 35th Streets to shout out to fans who could not get into the event.

The incident unfolded as Bieber walked out of the store so fans could catch a glimpse of him.

Suddenly, a man “jumped a barrier” and in the ensuing chaos Beiber went down.

The unidentified man, however, was actually an undercover NYPD officer, who thought the crowd was getting a little out of hand and tried to get closer to Bieber in case he needed assistance, according to gossip site TMZ.

Bieber appeared surprised and confused by the move, causing a member of his security team to step in and try to pull the cop back.

That reportedly led to a brief scuffle.

The security member’s behavior was aggressive enough to lead to a disorderly conduct charge issued by the undercover officer.

Amateur video of the incident showed private security grabbing the officer and hustling Bieber back into the store.

“I see that guy going around, but I didn’t think anything about it, but all of a sudden he just jumped…

“Three guys were holding this guy back,” one witness told a local television station.

Once everyone figured out who was who, Bieber shook off the incident, went back into the store and continued with his “meet and greet.”

Only fans who had tickets could get inside the store, so Bieber went outside to give a shout out to those without tickets.

More than 200 mostly girls stood outside the store chanting, “We want Bieber” and singing his hit song “Baby.”

Some fans had been camped out since 5 a.m.