Miley Cyrus was bum rushed by a fan while she was singing at her concert in Melbourne, Australia. The diminutive fan got close enough to hug Miley before security rushed in and busted them up.

The close encounter was the second for a pop star in as many days.

Justin Beiber was caught up in the middle of a scuffle while greeting fans outside Macy’s department store in Manhattan yesterday (June 23)

Miley was just finishing her song “The Climb,” when the female fan, who looked to be in her early teens, appeared on staged and quickly jogged up to her.

Miley Cyrus in Concert in Melbourne
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Miley came up from a bow and was standing erect on a catwalk about 20 feet from the stage.

The fan stopped beside her and put her left arm around Miley’s shoulder. For a frozen moment, the two stood together on stage while be band played on.

The fan look as if she was expecting someone in the audience to take her photo. But a security guard was just a few steps behind her.

The guard came up from behind, and roughly grabbed the fan. At the same time, he gave Miley a shot in the back that nearly knocked her off the stage.

The guard led the fan to the end of the catwalk where she jumped off and disappeared into the crowd.

Miley, meanwhile, put the mike up to her mouth and seem to say “Oh My God,” as she walked back to her original position on the stage.

The security guard quickly turned to her and looked like he said “Let’s go,” and the two literally ran off the stage.

Miley, however, came back a few moments later to finish the song, and laughed off the incident afterward.

“I’ve never been so thankful to have young fans who jumped from [the arena’s balcony] onto my back.” she shouted to the crowd.

“This next song is for all my crazy fans out there that are awesome,” she added.

Whether the overzealous fan goes public in the next few days remains to be seen. But she certainly walked away with a lasting memory.

Check out the video below. The fan encounter takes place about three minutes, fifty seconds into the clip.