Eminem Acts Out Suicide in Space Bound Video (watch) 1Rapper Eminem falls into a deep hole over another wrecked relationship and decides to put a bullet through his head in his new video for his song “Space Bound.” Is it meant to be real or metaphorical?

Eminem has long had an obsession with death and violence, including the self-inflicted kind, and those themes are laced throughout the dark video.

A rocky relationship with woman who just doesn’t get him and does him wrong sends him over the edge.

It’s a recurring theme in his music. His song, “Love the Way You Lie,” followed a similar arc.

“Space Bound” is the latest single from Slim Shady’s 2010 album, Recovery, which heralded the singer’s return after a long period of self-discovery, in which he kicked drugs.

The Joseph Kahn-directed clip opens on a fog shrouded road at night.

A car pulls up to give him a lift. His love interest is at the wheel, played by porn star Sasha Grey.

Double visions of the rapper appear, one in the front seat and a darker, more ominous version of himself in the back, spewing anger and expletives.

But there is a third player in the car, a gun.

Eminem is driven over the edge when he finds out his girl has been cheating on him. The heartbreak is too much to bear.

He increasingly loses touch with reality, becoming delusional as his opposing personalities clash.

The only solution seems to be the gun. He puts it up to his chin and pulls the trigger.

The suicide is shown in graphic detail. The back of his head explodes in a fountain of blood.

But was the scene real or just being played out in Em’s head on that dark road?

Check out the video and figure it out for yourself.