Miley Cyrus is in love with Twitter, again and back to Tweeting racy photos of herself.  She quit the social media site in a huff last October, declaring that she wanted to keep her private life private.

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But Cyrus quietly returned to Twitter earlier this year under the name Rock_Mafia. “This is my new way to connect,” she tweeted. “When I need to speak out I will tweet from @Rock_Mafia.”

The whole idea was to promote her Gypsy Heart Tour. She also uses “gypsyhearttour.”

But Miley, raised in the spotlight since she was a child,  is nothing if not an exhibitionist.

She apparently can’t resist the social interaction of Twitter.  In other words, she’s addicted.

She recently tweeted another personal photo of herself, wearing a loose fitting, wide-necked tee shirt without a bra.

She reveals her shoulder down to her mid-chest, and the outline of her breast and protruding nipple is clearly visible through the shirt.

Cyrus announced her return to Twitter with a shoutout to, Charlie Sheen: “Do not fear…the Sheenius is here!” I’m not gonna lie. I came back to twitter for 2 reasons. My fans and to follow @charliesheen #winning.”

Cyrus is also back to tweeting about her private life. “Yo guys! Its MC! Thank you so much for my KCA! PS I am taking over the Gypsy Heart twitter! Gotta keep ya posted on tour …”

The comments were a distinct contrast from a recent interview with Australia’s Sydney Telegraph.

“I do not social network, I try to stay out of it,” she said. “I complain enough about people knowing too much about my private life, so to go out there and exploit myself would be silly and hypocritical.”

Check out Miley’s latest self-exploitation. Click the photo above to enlarge!