Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul Spoof American Idol in New Promo (watch) 2Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul have declared war on “American Idol.” They’re promoting their own hyped up version of a television singing contest that offers a cool $5 million to the winner. Will Taylor Hicks be back?

In the new promotion spot, Cowell and Abdul star in a parody of their old show. Except both heap tons of praise on bad singers.

The jab seems aimed at current Idol judges Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler, who effusively praised nearly ever singer.

That left the dirty work up to viewers, who summarily voted of the judge’s favorite singers week after week.

Cowell, 51, produced “American Idol,” for the first nine seasons. It was a knock off of his UK talent show X-Factor.

He decided to leave the Fox show after the 2010 season to create an American X Factor. He owns that show and stands to make a ton more money.

If you get the symbolism of the video –Bugatti sports cars, private jet, swank penthouse–Cowell will be rolling in dough off the humiliation of singing hopefuls.

In any event, the promo shows Cowell having a nightmare in which he can’t say enough good things about incredibly bad singers, a contrast from his usual barb comments in real life on the old AI.

Cowell finally wakes up in a cold sweat and before long returns to his old swaggering, acerbic form.

Music industry mogul L.A. Reid and Pussy Cat Doll Nicole Scherzinger round out the panel of X-Factor judges.

Weirdly both shows will air on Fox. Either way, the network wins.

Check out the spot below.