Jennifer Lopez Affair Rumors, Denials Swirl Amid Breakup 1

Jennifer Lopez’s steamy video romp with William Levy, aka the Cuban Brad Pitt, may have spilled over into a steamy off-screen affair. Then, again, maybe not. Rumors and denials are swirling since her breakup with Marc Anthony.

Levy, 30, appears in the pop star’s new video “I’m Into You,” which was filmed in Mexico in April.

Lopez, 41, and the Latin star passionately embrace in sexy beach scenes, and chemistry between the two is evident.

The rumors started to fly after Levy separated from his wife of eight years, Elizabeth Gutierrez, only a month after the shoot.

But he is denying reports that he and Lopez are an item. Lopez went public with her separation for Anthony last week.

“The only relationship there was or is, is a professional relationship. That’s all there’s ever been,” a rep for Levy told gossip site TMZ.

Levy, who is best known for working in Latin American telenovela’s, the equivalent of a soap opera, had nothing but praise for Lopez.


“It was wonderful. I felt very comfortable. She is a very sincere and fun person,” he said during filming.

‘The truth is I had a really great time,” he added. “It was wonderful to see that someone so huge could be so down to earth, in addition to being really funny.”

Lopez may have good reason to steer clear of Levy. He’s embroiled in a nasty civil suit that charges him with “sexual battery of a minor.”

Levy allegedly lured an under age girl to his hotel and forced her to perform a sex act last year, according to court papers.

In the process, Levy allegedly strangled her and she ended up with a sexually transmitted disease, court papers claim.

For his part, Levy claims the sex was consensual and the plaintiff claimed she was 19-years-old.

Levy has countersued for defamation and extortion, claiming the woman demanded $950,000 in hush money. She’s seeking $2.5 million in the suit.

A police investigation did not result in charges.