Velvet-Voiced Seth Glier Is Rising Folk Sensation (video) 1Seth Glier, a boyishly handsome folk/pop singer, shows off his velvety voice and lyrical prowess in his sophomore album, The Next Right Thing, from MPress Records.

In the catchy tune, “Walk Katie Home,” Glier, 22, thinks wistfully about a star-crossed romance with a fantasy New York City gal.

Seth, a Massachusetts native, says the song is a reflection on what he wishes had happened:

“I drove down to St. Marks Place in New York City one weekend to take a girl I had a crush on out to dinner,” he recalls.

“I ended up walking her home, and then she started dating a glockenspiel player. That’s life, I guess.”

The talented singer/pianist, who performs an exhausting 200 dates a year, opened for Edwin McCain and The Verve Pipe in 2010, appeared with his idol James Taylor and performed on main stages of the prestigious Falcon Ridge and Kerrville Folk Festivals.

Glier, who’s winning legions of fans with his romantic ballads and moving lyrics, wants to touch people with his verse and music.

“I’m an ambassador,” he says.

“I travel from place to place carrying my songs and stories with me, and I want people to leave my show changed.

“Some people won’t remember the songs I sing, but they will remember how they felt while hearing them. That’s what I want to do – to remind people, including myself, why we’re here: to connect!”

For more information, check out his website or his label, MPress Records.