Justin Bieber Urges Teens to Stop Texting, Driving (watch) 1Justin Bieber is far from totally self-absorbed in his meteoric career. In fact, he shows more maturity than a lot of older stars by devoting his time to public service campaigns. Check out his latest.

The singing sensation has just released two videos promoting a cellphone app that will help prevent teens from texting while driving. It’s fast becoming a leading cause of car accidents.

The results, as one video shows, can sometimes be tragic.

The spot features the family of Alex Brown, a teen who was killed in a traffic accident while texting behind the wheel.

Brown, 17, at the time of the Nov. 2009 accident, was driving to school in Lubbock, Tx, when she lost control of her pickup truck while texting.

The truck rolled over and Brown was thrown from cab. She also was not wearing a seatbelt.

Her cell phone record indicated that she had replied to a text message moments before losing control of the vehicle.

Bieber and actress Emma Roberts have both made special appearances to support the “Remember Alex Brown Foundation,” which is trying to raise awareness about driving and texting.

The phone app by PhoneGuard will prevent phones from texting when a car is moving faster 10 miles per hour. The app can be downloaded for Android and BlackBerry.

Check out the videos below. They were released earlier this week.