Andrew Garfield Slings His Stuff in Spider-Man Trailer (watch!) 2Andrew Garfield shows off his stuff as Peter Parker in a new trailer for the reboot of “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and Emma Stone looks particularly hot as love interest Gwen Stacy.

The first Spider-Man film, directed by Sam Raimi, starring Tobey Maguire as Parker, Kirsten Dunst as love interest Mary Jane and Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin, hit theaters in 2002.

The final film in the series, Spider-Man 3, also helmed by Raimi, with McGuire and Dunst, debuted in 2007.

Raimi dropped out of the current project, so Sony announced plans to reboot the franchise, with all new actors and director.

Judging from the trailer, the new film could drag a bit as it rehashes early events in Spider-Man’s life from geek high school days to life as a loner.

The trailer opens with a somber scene as Parker’s father bids farewell. Where he’s going isn’t explained, but it obviously transforms young Parker’s life.

Director Marc Webb appears to be taking out some of the comic book aspects that characterized the first three films.

Instead, he’s going for a more realistic, if darker, take on the superhero, whose parents die when he’s a boy.

But that all ends when he’s bitten by a radioactive spider.

Mid-way through the two-minute, 23-second clip., there’s a brief shot of Parker writhing in pain, and then discovering his super powers.

The film looks like it will have a lot of action scenes designed to highlight the 3D special effects.

That will include point-of-view shots through Spider-Man’s eyes as he scales walls and swings on New York City skyscapers.

Spider-Man’s hands and feet flash into view as the web-slinger moves across the cityscape.

In fact, the movie has almost a video game feel, a tie-in obviously must be in the works.

“We all have secrets,” Garfield intones as Parker. “The ones we keep, and the ones that are kept from us.”

The movie will debut next July. Check out the trailer below: