Maria Shriver Gets Shaft From Arnold in Brewing Divorce 1Maria Shriver could be forced to start slinging news again, if estranged husband Arnold Schwarzenegger’s court petition is granted cutting off all spousal support for his wife of 25 years. Maria, of course, is loaded in her own right.

She didn’t waste any time dipping into the family piggy back, shelling out $10 million for a mansion near their family home in posh Brentwood.

In court papers filed by Arnold’s lawyer, Bob Kaufman, the judge is asked to deny Shriver’s request for spousal support.

Shriver, 55, also wants Schwarzenegger, 63 to cover her legal fees. But Arnold wants each party to be responsible for their own costs.

The couple, at least, has some common ground. Both are asking for joint custody of two minor children, Patrick, 17, and Christopher, 13.

The marital estate is estimated to be around $400 million, and no prenuptial agreement is known to exist.

Going into the negotiations, Arnold appears to be at a disadvantage. He is trying to repair his relationship with his children, who blame him for the breakup.

Any effort to hardball Maria could damage his already fragile family ties.

Maria left home after she learned that her husband had fathered a love child with the family maid Mildred Patti Baena.

The child’s paternity had remained a secret for almost 10 years, until Maria finally confronted Baena and she confessed.

Although Arnold said he was putting his movie career on hold to repair his damaged family relations, he’s already signed up to play in a new movie, “The Last Stand.”

The title seems fitting.