The Dark Knight (was it Christian Bale or a stunt double?) romped through the streets of Gotham over the weekend, with Pittsburgh playing Gotham. The film shoot provided a glimpse into the film’s potential upcoming scenes.

Much of the filming took place on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University, where a huge fight scene was staged, including Batman (Bale) and Bane his chief villain, played by Tom Hardy.

The Mellon Institute building on campus was the backdrop. It’s being used as Gotham City Hall, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspaper, which is blogging on film activity.

Check out the Photos; click to enlarge.

Despite a record heatwave, the fight took place during a snow storm, courtesy of a little movie magic and some really big fans.

“It was hot, slow work and knots of onlookers stood on street corners, some public and some private, peering into the shade looking for Batman’s signature costume,” according to the Post-Gazette’s Barbara Vancheri.

Three high-tech batmobiles, also known as tumblers, were spotted rumbling along city streets. The vehicles all moved under their own power, reportedly driven by Chevy V-8 engines.

Also spotted filming were Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays cop John Blake and foxy French actress Marion Cotillard, who will play an assistant to Batman’s alter-ego Billionaire Bruce Wayne.

Anne Hathaway also stars in the film as catwoman and Gary Oldman plays Commissioner Gordon.

The Christopher Nolan-directed film is due in theaters in the summer of 2012.

The $250 million picture will be the third and final installment in Nolan’s Batman film series.

Check out the video below, and photos.

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