Miley Cyrus has just about run the gamut of vices, from smoking pot (that is, salvia), pounding beers (illegally), dirty dancing with 40 somethings and now this… smoking cigarettes.

The teen sensation, who played the squeaky clean Hannah Montana on the Disney channel for four years, was spotted on vacation at posh Orchard Lake, in Michigan, knocking back Newports while swimming and sunbathing.

As if her feral female voice isn’t gravely enough.

In that regard, she’s no different that Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson, both of whom have been smoking for years.

Cyrus has been trying to shed her wholesome teen image over the the past two years, so her new habit should come as little surprise.

She’s piled on tattoos–she now has seven–even though she’s only been legally of age to get them since turning 18 last November.

She has also returned to Twitter and her old habit of sending out risque photos of herself with friends.

While she’s yet to appear totally topless, a couple of photos have come close.

In the photos, Miley only looked modestly adept at handling her cigs, which suggests her habit is a relatively new one.

She has rarely if ever been photographed smoking before.

But, frankly, on a scale of one to 10, with one being Selena Gomez and 10 being Lindsay Lohan, Miley vices–and behavior– have been relatively contained so far.

And, at 18, she is certainly within her rights to smoke.

And, while it may once again send a wrong signal to legions of her young, tween fans, Miley has been moving away from that market for some time — as she must — to maintain her career.

It’s just unfortunate that smoking is so bad for Miley’s health.