Selena Gomez Turns Up Heat in Florida Concert (video) 1Selena Gomez put on one of her sexiest shows yet with a stunning medley of Britney Spears songs during a concert in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., where she is currently touring.

She wore a racy turquois skirt with a sequined and jeweled bra as she sang “Baby, One More Time,” “Slave 4 U,” and “Hold It Against Me.”

Gomez apparently knows here limits and stay away from the sexualized dance moves that made Britney a controversial star early in her career.

“I’m not going to even touch Britney!” she told MTV news when she announced that she would pay tribute to Britney during her tour.

“She’s so good. I wouldn’t want to butcher it. I’m just going to pay tribute to her! I’m gonna say she’s awesome,” she said.

Gomez has been on a roll as her hit Disney show “Wizards of Waverly Place,” winds down in its fourth and final season.

She’s rapidly becoming a fashion icon and stars in “Monte Carlo,” her first full-length adult film.

She’s also part of one of the most watch celebrity couples with partner Justin Bieber.

Of course, everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop to see if Gomez actually follows in the footsteps of Spears and other ex-Disney stars like Miley Cyrus.

But so far, she’s avoiding the more overt, over-the-top sexual displays that have made Spears and Cyrus hot acts.

Check out her video below. She can turn it on when she wants to