Pippa Middleton Gets First Look in Trailer for Documentary (watch!) 1Pippa Middleton, gets the royal treatment in a first look trailer for the new documentary on her life as the sister of England’s newly minted Duchess and future queen, Catherine Middleton.

Pippa was maid of honor at Kate’s and Prince William’s royal ceremony, which introduced her to the world and earned her the that title, “Her Royal Hotness.”

She was unknown outside of Britain until the wedding. Now she is an international celebrity.

The TLC trailer for the show calls her a “global phenomenon” with “X factor charisma,” (whatever that means).

The 30-second teaser opens with street scenes and then cuts to Pippa variously getting in and out of cars and waving to onlookers.

“There was almost a gasp across the world – who’s that girl,” one voice-over announces.

“Suddenly it was all about Pippa. She single-handedly crashed Twitter!”

The documentary was so hastily assembled it’s hard to see how it will take a critical look or bring fresh perspective to her character.

Neither William nor Kate cooperated nor did some of her closest friends. Or for that matter Pippa.

TLC is hyping the show by claiming it will provide some insight into Pippa’s relationship with Williams brother, Prince Harry.

Harry, however, has already scotched any possible chance of a romance and has made clear they are just friends.

That doesn’t mean that Harry, who has a keen eye for the birds, hasn’t notice Pippa’s svelte figure. He reportedly calls her a “foxy filly.”

But there is no harm in rehashing the spectacle and there is certainly some tantilizing tales to tell about the Middleton clan.

Right after the wedding, brother James Middleton, who gave a moving speech at the wedding ceremony, surfaced in photos showing him naked, cross-dressing and in jaunty homo-erotic poses with other lads.

Rumors suggested he fancies himself a queen as well.

Check out the video below. The documentary airs Tuesday (Aug. 9)