Elle Fanning Haunting in New 'Twix' Trailer (watch!) 1Elle Fanning and Val Kilmer star in Francis Ford Coppola’s “Twixt,” in what’s being billed as the first “interactive movie.” The supernatural thriller may never end the same way twice.

Coppola premiered “Twixt” at Comic-Con earlier this month and said it would not be released to theaters like a regular movie.

Instead, he’ll take it on a 30-city tour, almost like a concert. And he will play maestro, editing, cutting and adding sections to the picture depending on the audience. No two viewers may see the same film twice.

“If the audience is the mood to go off on a little bit of a tangent, then you’d be able to go off on a tangent,” he explained.

“But if the audience seems to want to cut to the chase, you could cut to the chase,” he said at the event.

Kilmer plays Hall Baltimore, a journeyman writer who is hawking his novel about witchcraft, one of several he’s written because, as he says, of the “incessant financial burdens that hound” him.

He sets up his author’s table in a small town and is approached by the local sheriff, eerily played by Bruce Dern, who invites him to help investigate a possible serial murder involving a young girl.

Reluctant at first, Baltimore takes up the challenge to gather material for another book.

Elle Fanning plays a ghostly apparition named “V” who comes to Baltimore in his dreams and leads him to the fateful discovery about the murders.

The movie also stars Joanne Whalley, Ben Chaplin, Don Novello, David Paymer, Alden Ehrenreich and Lisa Biales.

Tom Waits narrates the trailer. Check it out below.