Kim Kardashian has been picked to be the cover girl for the debut issue of World’s Most Beautiful magazine, the first ever to be photographed in 3D. Ironically, Kim was not among People magazine’s top choices for Worlds Most Beautiful People this year.

Then, again, if you are shooting in 3D, Kim may be a logical choice since her curvaceous body definitely has a lot of definition to work with.

Photographer Nick Saglimbeni picked Kardashian to photograph with a custom-made, trademarked camera specially designed for 3D photos.

The shoot took place in the California desert.

Check out Kim’s photos: click to enlarge.

Kardashian said on her blog that the assignment was “top-secret” but she revealed a few 2D photos. The magazine also released a preview video.

From the looks of the video, the magazine will have a high cheesecake quotient.

“I work with Nick all the time and he is my favorite photographer,” Kim told E! Entertainment.

“He just makes everyone feel so comfortable and confident…He just wants to have fun and make beautiful photos.”

Kim called the 3D photos “magical.”

The magazine will be available Aug. 8 in a limited-edition print version for $4.99, but will publish for free on iPads, iPhones and Android phones.

3-D glasses are required, and the magazine is giving away pairs on its Web site.

Check out the photos and the video below:

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