Is Kate Gosselin Turning Show into Bachelorette? (video!) 1Kate Gosselin is back! Her reality show “Kate Plus Eight” returns tonight (Aug. 8), and don’t be surprised if it starts to look like the “Bachelorette” or “The Dating Game.”

Kate claims her eight children are begging her to get married again. That seems far fetched.

If anything, the children probably want her to get back with their father, Jon Gosselin. But that’s not happening.

Plus, Kate needs to do something to liven up her reality show.

It sank in the ratings last year, and there was some question, for a time, whether it would return.

After all, there are only so many trips she can take with the kids to create some even remotely interesting footage.

“I am definitely ready to start dating, there are a lot of obstacles for me and I hope to just bump into somebody,” Gosselin told NBC’s “Today Show.”

“I tell my friend it would be great if she could go a round the country and find some suitable candidates because the odds of me just bumping into somebody are rare.”

She’s got that right. During the very public implosion of her marriage, Kate didn’t come off too well.

Sure, Jon seemed like a dolt and a cad, but she came across as shrill, demeaning and a control freak. Plus she’s a single mother with eight kids!

But, hey, a dating game format in which Kate goes out with various men, who try to figure out how to deal with her, could make for interesting reality television.

“I have eight kids and a crazy work schedule, I am known so there are a lot of obstacles,” she said. “I am ready to start dating though. The kids on a daily basis are begging me to get married again.”

“They bring it up all the time. But I have to tell them ‘I am not even dating anyone,'” she claimed.

Is Kate Gosselin Turning Show into Bachelorette? (video!) 2

Kate Gosselin with her bodyguard Steve Neild in tow.

The dating scenario is no pipe dream.

In a preview of her new TLC series, Kate ventures to Washington, D.C.

She sees a man that matches her dream guy. Think her bodyguard Steve Neild. Would he go on dates?

The guy, tall with salt-and-pepper hair was casually watching the taping of her show.

Kate turned her camera crew loose on him like a pack of hounds. “Hang onto him,” she said.

Next, she sent her bodyguard outside to fetch him. That seems like her first mistake.

Kate offered him a cupcake, but the guy was probably gay. He said he only eats gluten free. Ouch!

Probably all for the best. The guy didn’t even know who she was.

Kate has one thing going for her. She looks better than ever. She’s still the world’s hottest MILF. And, she’s obviously horny.

Check out the video’s below.