Pia Toscano Spreads Wings With New Song, Video (watch!) 1Pia Toscano is getting her shot at a music career with a debut single and video, even though fans brutally dismissed her last season from “American Idol.” Can you really argue with the fans?

Judges Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez did, and so does Interscope Records, which rushed in to sign her.

Her new music video based on her debut single “This Time,” was released today (Aug. 10), and Toscano looks delicious.

Among other scenes, the 22-year-old romps on a beach. The video plays down her stunning body; she wears a long-sleeve top.

But her Daisy Dukes show off her long, luscious legs as she sings seductively.

Toscano also plays the diva in the video, hiding behind big sunglasses and driving an expensive, classic Mustang convertible.

The scene may provide an answer why Toscano failed to connect with fans on the show, despite sexy good looks and a credible voice.

She turned off viewers because she comes across as little too self-absorbed and little too entitled, like a gorgeous high school mean girl.

Idol judges may have done her a disservice by putting her on a pedestal early in the competition. She became the contestant everyone loved to hate.

But being dismissed from American Idol is no longer considered a setback, considering the skyrocketing careers of rejects like Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry among others

She’s also stayed around long enough to tour with the 2011 American Idol Live Tour, which began in July and will end in Manila, Philippines in September.

In the ultimate flip-off to “American Idol,” she released her video the same day as Idol winner and tour mate Scotty McCreery, although different genre.

At least she has moxie. “Grounded for so long, now its time for me to fly…” she wrote on Twitter. So said Icarus.

Check out the video below.