Robert Pattinton’s sex scene with Kristen Stewart in “Breaking Dawn, Part 1,” is drawing all of the usual comments, steamy, sexy, etc., but to Rob the scene has its hilarious moments.

After all, vampire love is not what you think it is, especially with a human.

Poor Edward Cullen has to do all he can to keep himself from ripping out Bella Swan’s throat and drinking all her blood.

Instead he rips through bed pillows with his fangs and sends feathers flying.

“I wanted to have it as a line so much,” Rob told Entertainment Weekly in his latest interview, one of many likely leading up to the movie’s debut in November.

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“I bit through all the pillows. Every. Single. One. And then he’d start crying,” Pattinson said.

“By the way, that’s what he should be ashamed of in the morning.

“All those beautiful pillows! Egyptian cotton! [Laughs] I ruined this bed!” he laughed.

Say what you will, the Edward and Bella’s marriage, honeymoon and love scenes are among the most eagerly anticipated of the movie.

“It’s a trip to watch the wedding scenes especially,” said Stewart. “It was so volatile and emotional; I was being such a crazy person.”

In the honeymoon scene, Edward carries Bella over the threshold at their retreat, and they cast lustful glances at each other.

Bella asks Edward to step outside for “a few human minutes” while she readies herself.

“Don’t take too long, Mrs. Cullen,” Edward replies.

The meet on the beach, where Edward is shirtless up to his waist in the water, while Bella is wrapped only in a towel.

Breaking Dawn Director Bill Condon, the love scenes go as far possible while still retaining the movie’s PG-13 rating.

Check out the EW Cover photo; click to enlarge!

The pillow part was probably meant to lighten up the scene a bit.

Check out EW’s enticing cover and some other hot photos of Edward and Bella.

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