Jani Lane, the former lead singer of Warrant, who rode the wave of hair metal bands in the 1980s, with hits like “Cherry Pie,” has been found dead in an LA area hotel room. He was 47.

Lane’s body was found at a budget Comfort Inn in Woodland Hills on Thursday night, and no cause of death has been released by authorities, according to TMZ.

Despite penning such hits as “Heaven,” “Down Boys” and “Cherry Pie,” his relationship with other band members soured and he left the group in 1992.

The band’s biggest hit was the 1989 ballad “Heaven” followed by 1990’s “Cherry Pie.”

But alcohol was always his biggest demon and he fought it for most of his adult life.

He was arrested in 2009 for crashing his car and pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor DUI. A year later, he was arrested again for almost an identical incident and spent 120 days in jail.

He dropped out of the limelight and reappeared in 2005 for a turn on “Celebrity Fit Club.”

He was overweight and a caricature of his days as a rock-star thin lead singer with a shaggy head of blond hair.

His last outing with the band was in 2008, but it lasted only weeks before he dropped out for good.

After his run-ins with the law, he began work on a solo career and sang with the heavy metal band Great White in 2010.

His career with Warrant, at least from 1989 through 2001 was stellar. The band produced six studio albums and he wrote most of the music.

Two albums 1989’s “Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich” and 1990’s “Cherry Pie,” went double platinum.

Lane is survived by his third wife, Kimberly and he leaves behind four children, Taylar, Brittany, Madison and Ryan.

Check out the smash video for “Cherry Pie” below.