Daniel Radcliffe Talks Robert Pattinson (video, new photos) 1“Harry Potter’s” Daniel Radcliffe may be the only other young star (beside Kristen Stewart) who can relate to what “Twilight’s” Robert Pattinson is going through. Both are international stars with huge fan bases who pay a price daily for their fame.

Radcliffe talks about Rob and his experiences with fans in a new interview with Access Hollywood.

He provides some interesting insights into the lengths fans will go to to see their favorite movie characters, often finding it difficult to separate reality from big-screen fantasy.

Radcliffe also talks about his “Beatles” moment, and knows his fame could be fleeting, now that “Harry Potter” has finished its decade-long run.

Check out Rob’s photos; click to enlarge.

Daniel Radcliffe Talks Robert Pattinson (video, new photos) 2Daniel Radcliffe Talks Robert Pattinson (video, new photos) 3Daniel Radcliffe Talks Robert Pattinson (video, new photos) 4

“You know, I’m not going to have this fame forever. This is going to be something I’ve got now, and it’s going to go at some point,” Radcliffe told Access’s Billy Bush.

“And, then there will be some other franchise and some other new young guy, and that will be them.”

Rob shares the same feeling. “Breaking Dawn, Part 1 and Part 2,” the last films in the Twilight saga hit, the big screen in November and in 2012.

Both have already finished production.

In an interview with a German magazine, Rob was asked what it felt like now that filming is over.

“I’m a bit paranoid and think after every film ‘That was my last one…'” he said.

What asked what he would miss, Kristen chimed in: “I’ve been living in a different world for four years and I really liked it there (laughs). I’ll miss everything.”

“Same for me,” said Rob. “Especially the last day was a shock. I’ve never wanted to think about the end, and then it was suddenly there. Now we have to live with it.”

Daniel doesn’t envy Rob’s fame.

“I actually think he’s kind of had to deal with a lot more,” he said. “Rob was suddenly the most famous guy in the world. I kinda think that’s harder to do.”

Check out the interview below: Rob comments come about 2:40 into the clip.