Jada Smith, Marc Anthony Affair Detailed, Will in Tears? 1If Will Smith’s and Jada Pinkett Smith’s marriage wasn’t in crisis before, it is now. New revelations about an affair between Jada and Latin singer Marc Anthony are at the center of the storm.

InTouch Weekly, which initially claimed the Smiths had separated, published the full article today, and the Smith’s are allegedly considering legal action.

In six pages of text and photos, the magazine details an alleged affair between Jada and Anthony as the wedge that is reportedly driving one of Hollywood’s most enduring marriages to the brink.

Will, 42, even allegedly caught Jada and Anthony together in one of their homes in Los Angeles, the magazine asserts.

The magazine chose to go forward with the story even though the Smiths said through reps yesterday (Aug 24) that their marriage was still intact.

Both Jada Smith and Anthony, who was, until recently, married to Jennifer Lopez, denied any relationship.

Lawyers for the couple reportedly are considering legal action, against the magazine, although any lawsuit could prove to be far messier than a few days of sordid headlines.

The magazine’s cover contains the explosive headline: “Two marriages destroyed: Jada steals J.Lo’s husband!”

It alleges that Will Smith, “under the cover of darkness,” made a surprise visit to one of their houses in early August and found his wife with Marc.

Will reportedly left in tears after making the discovery, even though he once said he and Jada had an open marriage.

Jada, 39, reportedly moved out of the house the next day, and Will fired several staff, accusing them of covering up the affair.

Jada Smith and Anthony have been co-starring on the TNT medical drama “Hawthorne.”

Anthony made a guest appearance on the show and later became a series regular. He plays Jada’s character’s love interest.

He was also elevated to musical producer of the show. Jada is the executive producer.

Co-workers reportedly claimed to notice strong chemistry between them, the magazine reported, citing a source.

“On set, everyone noticed the insane chemistry between them,” the source said.

The break up of Anthony’s marriage with Lopez last month, reportedly set off alarm bells for Will, who has been in new York filming his latest movie “Men in Black III.”

The Smith family, which includes children Jaden, Willow and Trey have reportedly taken off on a family vacation together to sort things out.