Jersey Shore: Raging Ronnie Tags Mike; Real, Fake? (watch!) 1Ronnie Ortiz-Magro played Raging Bull to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s Sugar Ray in a Jersey Shore showdown over Ronnie’s squeeze Sammi. But was the fight real, or faked?

“The Situation” was dramatically carried away on a stretcher, after the group called an ambulance to their house in Florence, Italy.

Things seemed to get serious when Ronnie ripped off his shirt and his jewelry! On the shore those are serious signs that someone is fighting mad.

Or maybe Ronnie was just showing off his ‘roided up body.

Bare-chested, he flew across the room at Mike, but after watching the clip, Ronnie didn’t really throw punches.

And neither did The Situation.

They wrestled around and Mike actually ended up on top of Ronnie before someone pulled him off.

Yet, next week’s episode supposedly begins with Mike being carried out of the house on a stretcher.

“He needs help,” the girls chirped.

The bust-up started, of course, after Ronnie accused Mike of interfering in his relationship with Sammi.

Mike denied it: “I don’t get involved in your relationship,” he said over and over.

If Mike thought he was going to end up on a stretcher, it’s unlikely he would have egged Ronnie on.

“You want to hit me tough guy, let’s do it,” Mike screamed. “Let’s do it.”

Ronnie shoved Sammi out of the way, but instead of charging in fists swinging, he grabbed Mike in a bear hug.

Hmmmmm… how much damage was he really trying to do?

Instead of Jake and Sugar Ray, it looked more like Jake and Marcel. Check out the video below: