“Glee” star Heather Morris upstages cast mates Jenna Ushkovitz and Dianna Agron in an edgy Tyler Shields photo shoot that seems to sexualize domestic violence. So much for the bubbly cheerleader.

Shields has been a go-to photographer for troubled stars like Lindsay Lohan, who are desperate to extend their 15 minutes of fame.

No so Morris. The 24-year-old is a rising star in Hollywood, thanks to her sassy role as cheerleader Brittany on the hit Fox show.

Check out Tyler’s Glee photos; click to enlarge.

Shields has already worked with Glee co-stars Agron and Ushkovitz, but these photos are edgier.

In this photo series, Morris reps the darker side of domestic life, sporting a black eye as she contemplates a clothes iron–the symbol of domesticity.

The portraits are far from grim, however. Morris seems to wear her black eye as a symbol of sexuality and power, as in, I took your best shot.

To prove her toughness, she gulps water from the iron, seemingly on the verge of devouring it.

The photos seem to suggest ultimate liberation from domesticity and finally conquering her oppressor by emasculating Sheilds, who is now tied up, by pressing the iron into his crotch.

“Heather Morris is amazing,” Shields told London’s Daily Mail.

“She’s incredibly talented. She’s a dancer by nature so she has abilities other people don’t have.”

“No photoshop no tricks, all Heather.”