Kate Gosselin Gets a Bitch Slap From the Nanny (Watch!) 1Kate Gosselin explodes in a major hissy fit and chews out the nanny over… a piece of pizza. If this is what “Kate Plus 8” is all about, TLC did everyone a favor by cancelling the show.

Without ex-husband Jon Gosselin to push around, Kate lashes out at the nanny to her eight kids, while bodyguard Steve Neild stands around like a dope.

Even Neild, who cuts a manly figure on the show, looks thoroughly emasculated. He knows better than to defy Kate, no matter how ridiculous she is.

But the nanny gets the ultimate revenge. She threatens to quit. “I’m more than happy to leave right now,” she shoots back.

“Pizza is not a friggin’ big deal,” the nanny screams at Kate. “I am sick of your dramatics.”

Wow! Somebody give her a reality show.

Kate may be pissed, but she’s not about to let the nanny walk on their RV road trip.

What? And take care of her own kids? Kate doesn’t want to go there, and probably neither do the kids, who also look thoroughly terrorized.

The brood is on a field trip to the Grand Canyon National Park.

But dysfunction is so out of control, it’s almost hard to watch.

The kids are on the verge of tears after they are forced to go on a rafting trip to generate footage.

TLC cancelled the show last month; this is its final season. The new episode airs Monday (Sept. 5)

Check out all of the drama below, and find out why Kate is so ticked off. You won’t believe it.