Kim Kardashian Rips Rob in Bora Boring Season Finale (video) 1Kim Kardashian and clan, with soon-to-be husband Kris Humphries in tow, turn a tropical paradise into an emotional boxing ring as the family unloads drama for the season finale of “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”

This week’s punching bag is Kim’s hapless brother Rob Kardashian, who Kim scolds for having no direction in life and no career aspirations.

But Rob comes off as sort of an anti-hero. He seems to see the irony in a family that makes money off of sex and their own narcissism.

Let’s just hope Kim is paying him a salary to put up with her grandstanding. After all, what does she expect him to be, a banker or maybe a lawyer?

At 24, those kinds of careers have already slipped through his fingers, as he well knows.

“All my friends are now graduating from law school, that’s what I wanted to do, that’s what my dad did, but it’s too late for me now,” he says.

Indeed, the late Robert Kardashian, a top trial lawyer in his time, must be spinning in his grave.

Besides, how can Kim lecture anyone when her career began with a sex tape, and she has no discernible talent.

On the other hand she’s become a multi-million dollar brand, and that takes, if not talent, then sheer chutzpah.

With Kim, of course, it’s all about money. She calls Rob a “loser” and notes that “Even Kendall earns more than you.”

But Rob delivers the low blow when he calls Kim a “whore” in front of boyfriend Kris. (They were married after the taping).

Well, Rob would know. So, probably, does Kris. But he plays the dutiful boyfriend and threatens to punch out Rob.

Can’t wait until Kim starts bulling Kris. “What you scored only 15 points last night?”

Of course all of this falls back on momager Kris, who created the Kardashian monster.

She provides the tears: “I can’t help that your father isn’t here now, or that your sisters have the careers they do right now,” she sobs. “But the worst thing for me as your mother is to see you unhappy.”

Kendall and Kylie get to play naughty nymphs. They steal Rob’s beer as a joke.

Meanwhile, Kourtney and baby daddy Scott Disick, provide this week’s side drama.

Kourtney is all over him, again, about his drinking. Scott always comes off as slightly sleazy, but he really seems to be the only one who has a shred of integrity.

In the end, however, he follows the script and is thoroughly emasculated, once again, by Kourtney. He promises to do anything she says.

He seems alienated and too cool for school, but it may be because he realizes the world he’s living in is based on superficiality and artifice. Yet, it’s success seems to know no bounds.

No wonder he drinks.