Were Kim Kardashian, Sisters Digitally Slimmed in Photos? (see!) 1Kim Kardashian and sisters Khloe and Kourtney appeared to have been digitally altered by renowned fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz in a shoot used to help launched their “Kollection” fashion line.

The dead giveaway that something is awry is the relative height of the girls.

Khloe, who is 5’10” tall, towers over Kim, who is 5’2″ tall, and Kourtney, 32, is even more petite at five feet even.

All three sisters are in heels, yet in the photos, the girls, especially Kim, all look about the same height.

But that’s just one of the discrepancies that fashion critics have point out since the photos were released.

Check out the photos; click to enlarge

Were Kim Kardashian, Sisters Digitally Slimmed in Photos? (see!) 2Were Kim Kardashian, Sisters Digitally Slimmed in Photos? (see!) 3Were Kim Kardashian, Sisters Digitally Slimmed in Photos? (see!) 4

All three girls also look like they’ve had their waists slimmed in the photo.

Fashion site Jezebel first raised questions about the photos, and readers chimed in with other criticism about unrealistic digital alterations involving the Kardashians.

Last year, an ad for their Beach Bunny swimwear showed the three looking the same height.

In January, a heavily airbrushed image of Khloe appeared on YRB magazine’s cover, the site added.

Leibovitz, 61, is one of the world’s best known celebrity photographers. Her work has been exhibited at London National Portrait Gallery.

She launched Miley Cyrus’s career virtually overnight when she shot a semi-nude photo of the singer when she was 15-years-old for Vanity Fair magazine.

Leibovitz, however, shocked the fashion world in 2009 when she was sued for failing to pay back a $24 million loan.

She revealed that she was deeply in debt and on the brink of financial ruin, despite a multi-million dollar annual income.